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(no subject) [Jun. 1st, 2005|07:40 pm]
Womyn In 3

I would've given a limb to see the WI3 yesterday. The castlist itself was enough to drive me bonkers with jealousy.

I know it's lame to ask this but did anyone record it?
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hmm. today's reading. [May. 31st, 2005|06:17 pm]
Womyn In 3

[mood |curiouscurious]

ala misty on CB.org:

Infinity Blue: Caren Lyn Manuel

Ms. Black: Dom
Diana: Kaarina
Martin Luther: Corey Manuel
Judge: Manoel Felciano

Mother: Danielle Lee Greaves
Sister: Rebecca Naomi Jones
Father: MRF
Jude: Simone
Master Shelby: Cary Shields

Catori: Karmine
Otis: Marcus Paul James
Eagle: Will Swenson

...I don't even know.
Is this Master Shelby thing new? And who the hell are the bottom three characters? I didn't pay much attention to the last changes since I wasn't there.
Sorry..I don't like change. I can't wait for people to get back and report on this.
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(no subject) [Jan. 23rd, 2005|07:13 pm]
Womyn In 3

[mood |discontentdiscontent]

I took this directly from BabyBlue on CB.

Womyn In Three is going to be presented on Tuesday, February 8, at 2 pm at the Cutting Room. Free. Some great changes have been made, so get ready!

At least we have a firm date now. And it's free apparently?
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(no subject) [Jan. 19th, 2005|05:21 pm]
Womyn In 3

There's going to be a reading of Womyn in 3 in February at the Cutting Room! Corey (the judge) was at Rent last night, as was Caren of course, & Mark Ford, & they all seem so pumped for it. Krystal will NOT be in it anymore, according to Mark Ford. Not sure of the date, maybe someone else caught it, but I just thought I'd keep y'all posted because you obviously love the show and/or those involved. I want to say it's a twenty-something number. But keep an eye out for info if anyone can find out.
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(no subject) [Dec. 13th, 2004|02:22 pm]
Womyn In 3

There is this line in Ms. Black's final speech that I LOVE and I always specifically try to remember, and then forget right away. It's something along the lines of "Do not discriminate me for my beliefs, I do not discriminate you...." and there's more to it, and it's so perfect for so many situations. Anyone happen to know what the whole line is?
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(no subject) [Dec. 11th, 2004|02:36 pm]
Womyn In 3

[mood |restlessrestless]
[music |State of Jade | CLM]

Here's a photo of "the cast of Rent" who performed "Womyn In Three" at the Gypsy awards this year!
Looks like they took it up a notch or 2 in the make-up department.

I snagged this from Broadway.com and should give credit to bucklind, who told me to go look for it there. You can find the Gypsy Award photos on the list when you click PHOTO OP.
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(no subject) [Nov. 10th, 2004|01:20 pm]
Womyn In 3

In the program for Wn3, it says:

"La Bruja Entertainment
Founders: Sebastian Arcelus, Caren Lyn Manuel, Sandy Manuel
Board of Directors: Linday Barry, Mary Mann, Charles H. Manuel Jr., Caren Lyn Manuel,Sandy Manuel, Sebastian Arcelus, Anthony Salerno"

I hadn't noticed this & I was just wondering if anybody knew if this was a recent thing they started in order to have Wn3 produced, or if they have any plans in the future, or what.

(Also, I think the whole "Sonny, Dereck...muscles/ set construction" thing is funny. The end.)
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(no subject) [Nov. 10th, 2004|02:28 am]
Womyn In 3

[mood |annoyedannoyed]

So I didn't realize someone had replied to the Womyn in 3 thread on BWW and completely panned it. I didn't think anyone had replied so I just saw this today. Anyone that saw the show wanna post a positive review in contrast? It'd be nice of you!

Here's the link:
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make me whole [Nov. 5th, 2004|08:43 am]
Womyn In 3

[mood |peacefulpeaceful]

I am back. I have so much to say about this show. I made notes on the plane. I apologize for the length of this. No wait, no I don't. I want the world to have as much detail as possible about this show. So I am going to talk about everything I am feeling/thinking now.

My first note on the plane was: Say something other than alsdkfhlj!!! It’s mind blowing.
So in an attempt to do that, I really started trying to think of a way to describe the experience that is seeing Womyn In Three. So far the best way that I can think of is this—no matter what your beliefs or feelings, no matter what you are thinking before you go into that theatre, the show finds a way to pour itself into you like you are an empty vessel. Seb used the word “cathartic” in his bio. I think that’s a great way to describe the experience of seeing the show too. It just FEELS like a peaceful reincarnation of some kind. (or it does for me anyway).

I truly don’t understand how anyone can witness this show and NOT leave transformed and inspired in some way. My heart really aches for those people who don’t allow themselves to participate in the experience of it and soak it in and let it get inside them. I’m a theatre geek. In my opinion does something to you, good live theatre anyway. It makes you forget about your troubles and whatever issues and general shit that may be plaguing you at that particular time for 2 or so hours. THIS show goes a step further and makes you wonder why in the hell you were letting those stresses get to you in the first place! Before the show is over, you get it. You get that hate and persecution are wrong. And that love and tolerance are the things that make us whole, both individually and globally. It’s really THAT simple, but the way she uses the story of these 3 womyn to get that across is beautiful and spiritual and entertaining and just…GAH! I love it so much.

I’m going to talk about the changes to the show now. I’ll put it behind a cut because it will contain spoilers. Click here to read about the changesCollapse )

The changes in the song order made the show flow really well. It felt much less like a “3-Act.” The changes to the piece before the 5 minute break (intermission for the less enlightened) were awesome. The finale was just the most incredibly haunting thing I have ever heard. It totally seals the show and makes it find a permanent residence in your heart, mind and soul. Caren is just such an awesome talent. I can't even put it into words how amazing her voice is. She ALWAYS delivers. Always. And these people are just incredible. Just to be in the presence of that much talent? Well it’s an honor. It really is. I tell you, the emotional connection this show makes---well, I cried, I had chills, I felt incredible joy, I felt total contemplation and I was just moved beyond words. I can tell you how much I respect Caren and her talent. This show is just consuming…it gets inside you and makes you think…and feel…and love. It’s powerful stuff performed by powerful and amazing people. And it deserves to be produced again..and again…and again…infinity.
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I see color when you speak... [Nov. 4th, 2004|05:26 pm]
Womyn In 3

[mood |enthralledenthralled]
[music |What You Own - Matt & Sebastian XD]

The music! The lyrics! The acting! The dancing! The harmonies! The Caren! NOVEMBER 3RD 2004Collapse )

I'm cutting myself off now, because there are too many things to say that I could ramble about for hours. I'm sure I forgot things. But Michelle'll post a review & Joanne has one floating around somewhere, too!

Caren is a goddess. I am convinced. I love how she's like 2 different people...a certain energy onstage and a certain energy offstage. They're both different but they're both CAREN, you know? I love that about her. She's just so real & talented & genuine & I love it. I'll write about stage door stuff & the after party in my actual LJ since it's more personal etc. Now I'm off to read Michelle and Joanne's reviews from the Fringe cause I don't care about spoilers now XD

PS: Do you guys want to use this icon for the community? I only use it here, anyway, and since we don't have one...
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